Creating Core Change



Tanya Collins (56) - cropped

Pleased to meet you!


You have probably found my website because you were seeking help for yourself or someone else. You are possibly wanting to find out what I do, and how it can help you.

I am a coach: I have training in several different methods with which to help you, and I specialise in helping people to either

      – change behaviours, or

      – change emotional responses, or

      – become more emotionally balanced, or

      – ramp up and improve performance in either

o   business

o   home-life

o   sport

o   fitness and health goals


Due to the methodology of my coaching it can be applied to many different issues with great success. Parts of my coaching were designed for post-traumatic stress disorder and are completely non-trauma focused and extremely safe.

As such, I have successfully helped people to achieve their goals in dealing with


              – emotional concerns such as

o   Anxiety

o   Depression

o   Stress management

o   Obsessive compulsive behaviours

o   Addictions

o   Post traumatic stress disorder

o   Grief

o   Self-harm

o   Suicidal thoughts/ideation

o   Eating disorders

o   Phobias

o   Post-incident care and support

o   Anger management

    • NB – this list is not exhaustive


– behavioural concerns such as

o   Procrastination

o   Addictions

o   Self-harm

o   Eating disorders

o   Avoidance of doing something that needs to be done

o   Doing something that is not helpful, or actively harmful

    • (NB this list is not exhaustive)


I have worked with business people to address underlying blockers to generating better performance, and helped people put the accelerator down on their personal growth.


I have also facilitated and trained groups across a wide range of performance and development topics – aimed at individuals and teams. 




There are many modalities that work and in many cases it is the coming together of the right

time, circumstances and team. Tanya for me is that missing part of my team.  She is gentle 

and targeted with a wealth of knowledge and patience.  She works in a way which addresses

the initial ‘problem’ and has also created change in many aspects of my life.   Be warned, she

never misses a trick, which I am eternally grateful for. – Jane, Birmingham






I have been coaching for 6 years, and tailor my work to the individuals with whom I work. I ask a lot of questions, some of them extremely structured – although very gently! We determine what is causing the unwanted responses, and we then ‘re-wire the engine’ of what drives those responses, in such a way that means people do not need to discuss or disclose previous traumatic incidents.

Interestingly, even most of our day-to-day behaviours are driven by patterns that we have previously learnt (a simple illustrative example is tying your shoe-laces – you don’t need to re-learn this every time you want to put your shoes on!), and so we work to uncover what those patterns are, and then change the barcoding within those patterns in order to generate a different response, either emotionally or behaviourally. This is just one way that we might work together.

Your journey of creating your core change is in your hands and will be tailored specifically for your needs. It will be entirely bespoke, and will work at your pace.



What now?

Many people who come to see me find relief where other methods (such as counselling / drugs / CBT) have provided less.

Clients who come to see me for performance coaching / business coaching will be undoing blocks to performance extremely quickly.

Clients generally require fewer sessions to resolve their issues, or find their joie de vivre reinstated or rejuvenated relatively quickly. Change is layered and is always at the pace of the client.

You can find out more by dropping me a line: I am happy to arrange an initial consultation to explain more of what I do, and to find out about your needs. This is completely confidential, and is (currently) completely free of charge.


Benefits of the way that I work:

– it is non-invasive and gentle

– you do not need to revisit and discuss any memories in detail, which prevents any re-traumatisation (this is especially important in clients who may have a difficult history)

 you will find that blockers to performance issues are resolved quickly

– there will be a considerable reduction in negative thoughts and emotional responses to past experiences that have been traumatic and stressful

– you will have an increased capacity to see things from a more objective perspective

– you will feel lighter and less stressed about things in general

– and find that your overall resilience to stress will improve markedly

– you will have a greater understanding of what causes emotional problems or behavioural blocks and get a greater understanding of how to embrace these to learn and grow

– you will find a greater sense of emotional and physical well-being

– you have greater control of emotions in situations that previously would have been problematic

– we quickly find the core underlying issues, meaning that we can work on them rapidly

– this allows you to make links and understandings quickly, between behaviours and drivers, which assists the healing process to happen relatively quickly