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Tanya Collins, who works from the National Herb Centre, Near Warmington, on the outskirts of Banbury, has extensive recent experience in working with people who have presented with complex needs within the criminal justice system, within which she was a senior manager in a prison. She was fully CRB (now DBS) checked to work with vulnerable adults and children, and SC Cleared in order to work with sensitive information.

Tanya’s background includes a scientific grounding which ensures rigour in her work: she gained a BSc Honours in Physiology from the University of Aberdeen, and was involved in conducting research and teaching for several years.

Whilst working in the Prison Service (which she joined in order to work closely with prisoners and to facilitate development of services for them) Tanya developed her own interest in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which explores the links between language and thought patterns. Knowing the interaction of language on thoughts and behaviour, and vice versa,  was invaluable in the challenging prison environment. At this time she also learnt Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which she latterly used to assist both prisoners and staff.

Tanya has a wide range of skills, which includes, amongst others Matrix Reimprinting, Spectrum Coaching. She has a strong background in working with individuals who present with challenging behaviour and complex issues. Prior to joining the Prison Service, Tanya was a manager in a regional charity running personal development programmes for school students,  socially excluded and at-risk young people, together with adults with disability. 

Now based in Banbury, Oxfordshire and working from the National Herb Centre, she works with individuals who are seeking assistance for a wide range of issues, from improving sports performance, attaining peak performance and goal setting, to areas more traditionally associated with emotional coaching such as weight loss, phobias, anxiety, depression, self-harm or addictions. Some of the techniques that Tanya uses were designed with veterans in mind as a set of comprehensive techniques to assist with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This coaching allows a client to gain an understanding of the individual drivers to their behaviour, and can change those drivers without revisiting the content of their traumatic experience in any detail.

Tanya works very gently, and tailors the work to the individual client’s needs and requirements. Many issues, concerns or problems can be helped through coaching. If you do have a concern, issue or problem and would like to talk to Tanya confidentially or contact her to see if she can help you, you can do so via the links on the side of this page.



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