Creating Core Change


Creating Core Change Therapies

Each of the modalities that I use work with the underpinning emotions that drive behaviour, but each will work those emotions in a slightly different way.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Therapies Banbury OxfordshireEmotional Freedom Technique (EFT) will take the emotional sting out of the issue that the client has presented with, and can also work on the emotion in distressing memories which are at root cause of the issue. Only one memory is worked on at a time. It is relatively content-free.



Matrix Reimprinting (MR) Therapies Banbury OxfordshireMatrix Reimprinting (MR) works on the underpinning emotional cause of the issue, but will also act in changing any unhelpful negative core beliefs that might have been formed at the time of the very root cause, which then become the negative drivers of the unwanted behaviours. Only one memory is worked on at a time, but the technique can lead to linked memories which can then also be worked on.  When the core belief is changed, the drivers change to positive and helpful drivers. It is relatively content-free. I will assist the client in working in the relevant memories, and will only coach in a way which keeps the client safe and disassociated within those memories, in order to do the work required.


Spectrum Therapy Banbury OxfordshireSpectrum TherapyTM & Spectrum Emotional CoachingTM can work on more than one memory at a time. We store memories in two ways – both chronologically (i.e. in date and time order) and also by theme (e.g. – school). Spectrum TherapyTM and Spectrum Emotional CoachingTM can work either with individual memories or emotions, or on entire themes at once. Once the initial assessment has taken place, Spectrum Therapy can be used in an entirely content-free way which means that distressing memories do not have to be talked about again, preventing any re-traumatisation.


Creating Core Change Therapies working from the National Herb Centre, near Warmington, on the outskirts of Banbury, Oxfordshire

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